Monday, May 23, 2011

When they throw stones, I float above the world

Oh hai bloggy boppers!
Scribble saucer! I'm trying to upload more art here, but a lot of it's going to be doodle poopsicles!
So sorry about my messy madness, you lovely lobotomists.

My brother got into this nuclear research school in Los vegas! The school is a month long, and he gets paid! whatttt. I suppose it's similar to a Graduate position or internship. :)
Congratulations, mein bruder!

Both my brother and sister have internship things for the summer. Oops! W
ell, I'll at least get a job and hopefully not be shunned by the Loelius clan. :0 I'll go apply around town tomorrow.
And hopefully I can get my Irish citizenship soon. All we really need to do is go to the embassy in New York and hand our papers in. So O'huzzah!

I'm also making some Dr. Who themed Jewelry for my c
ool cats. Because why? Because cat!
I made the Tardis and Matt Smith for myself, because I'm a tool. :) I think I'm making chazzmaster either an ood or a weeping angel necklace.

Oh yes!
I made a facebook in case I get a new roommate and I need to contact them. Also, I'll probably have to transition to a new e-mail, so in case I need to get in touch with people. I didn't use my name though, because I'm paranoid. :\\\\\ I don't really want to use it much, so maybe it'll just wither away!

Aaaand off on my School-related nonsensical nonsense ramblings!

Oh man.
I'm not sure what to do about college at this point. I'm becoming more and more hesitant about switching over to Mason Gross. :\
I was offered a really good scholarship to a more liberal arts school, so in those regards I wouldn't have as much debt for the next30 years. : 0 But on the other hand, there are very limited art classes and the majority are in subjects I don't have too much interest in/ aren't related to what I'd like to do as a career.
Uarts will put me in a lot of debt, and seeing as I wasn't really happy with what I was getting out of my classes, I'm not sure that debt is worthwhile. The school does offer more classes and resources though, and that would allow more independent study. I don't think you should rely on your school to get you to the level you want to be at, but I also don't think it should put you in a lifetime's worth of debt.
If I go to Mason Gross, I'd have more freedom financially and also be able to study other subjects than just art.
But I like art. : o : o
I have a four year scholarship to Mason Gross though, so if I hold off on graduating, I could study abroud for 3 years and just poop around the world!
I want to apply to calarts after graduating, so I figure if I'm going to go into debt, it'll be for a school worthwhile!

Popsicle poop, I don't know what to do!

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