Tuesday, May 17, 2011

10 minute moon man

Sup samas?

So, Doctor Who!
The newest season is out and oh boy does it put David Tennant's to shame. I really like that it started off (besides the Christmas Special) with a bang and is putting us through the ringer with all these fillers. I want more River Song! The anticipation adds on to the enjoyment because of all the conversations and speculations that come about because of it. :)

I really hope that River Song is the astronaut suited child, or at least that the kid is Amy Pond's daughter/ a time lord. My sister brought up that she could even be a Tardis because of how they both glowed, which would make Neil Gaiman's boasting of "My episode is a Game Changer" actually make sense. I was reading some other theories on a DW forum, and one person suggested that it could even be the doctor in the suit. hmmm.
All I know is River Song has to be moy importante! But if she's Amy's daughter, than that would mean Rory's her dad. :\ Or possibly the Doctor. Noooope.
I'm sure that the majority of our speculations are either digging too much into things or are too obvious, but I hope one of us is right. Or that it's completey different, but amazingly so!

I like that this (and last) season have a running story line instead of just episodic shananigans.
What a good show!

I'm going to try to avoid gluten for awhile and see if it fixes some of my issues. I experimented for a month without it and I felt much better; my anxiety and depression seemed less severe along with physical symptoms disappearing. So my sister's helping me out with that mumbojumbo. :)

I know a couple people with similar anxiety and depression issues and maybe it's gluten intolerance! Probably not, but I think you guys should check yourselves out for anything along those lines. You never know!
It's harder to bake, but we can fight through it comrades!

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