Friday, May 20, 2011

Celestial Soup

My sister had a tea party today. :)
It was kind of awkward because I didn't know anyone there really, but they made really yummy looking stuff! My brother's girlfriend made a peach pie that looked awesome, but I couldn't have it because of that gluten thang. :\ It was picture-perfect though! She's so sweet. :)
And my sister, her boyfriend Steven, and I made vegan, gluten-free strawberry blueberry muffins! They were the best muffins I ever had. :000
No joke.
It seemed like a nice little get together. :)

Here's another Kazakh hunter. Her name is Aidos! It's a Kazakhstan name that means "moon friend"!
She's got some pretty large thighs. : 0

Ok, and this is Kosim! It means lamb... and if you spell it with an "a" instead of an "o", it means eyebrows! He looks more like a samurai, whoops!

They probably won't be in my animation, because I want it to be a single character journey (give it a really lonely/empty feeling).
But they're fun to draw! And help me come up with a feel for the world. :)
I want to learn Maya or whatever 3d programs are out there for animation and try these characters/story out with it. I think they'd be more effective in 3d, but with the textures of 2d ...if that makes sense; Very stylized art textures instead of realistic!


  1. i might in jersey from thursday till sunday if you wanna get a crash course in maya lemme know if your interested. i think you have my number.

    love the characters by the way, if you want me to model/texture one i could try and knock one out when im home as well.

  2. ooh also check out and for refrence.

  3. Oh cool, you're on your break I guess? Or are you done with school? How's it all going? :) I'd like to see some of your stuff!

    I can't seem to get Maya working on my computer; I need to find a new key. : 0
    oh cool. Yeah, I think a friend of mine might try making one of them in 3d in his spare time, maybe! ha
    he's one of the smart kids learning the program on his own. fancypants!
    Thanks for the links!

  4. Yep I had a few days till the next class so I figured I'd come home for a bit. I'm here till 4pm today and if you get this message before then gimme a call.(maybe we can grab lunch or somethin), if not ill be back in july and we can catch up then. :)

    students get maya for free now

    all you need is your student email!

  5. I'm sorry I was in New Brunswick today, but I'm glad to hear you chilled out in Jersey. Hope everything's good!

    Ah, whoops. Well that's helpful. Thanks for the link