Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mr. meow's metamorphosis


Yesterday there was a steampunk convention in New Brunswick, so my peepadeeps and I popped on over to yocheckitcheckit! wickywick.

It was pretty cool! We didn't do much because registration into the convention cost 35 bucks a day per person, sofuckthat, but we wandered around where we could and looked at all the dressed up people. :)

I like the gizmos in her hair :0

I wonder if there's a steampunk community in New Jersey or something, seeing as a lot of people were dressed up similarly. (Architects being a apopular theme, it seemed?) Well I don't know much about steampunk, but it seems pretty cool. The people remind me of all the teenage vagabonds in Montreal. Pretty cool!

I also saw an Elf in a kimono and someone dressed up as a cat from Cats the musical. Whatever floats your zepplin!

and someone had the Tardis as a license plate!

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