Wednesday, June 12, 2013

character design for a friend's comic

And I glammed-up those WIP moth men. Bitches need sparkles..

A friend from Highschool let me tag along with him to E3 today... it was so inspiring! You look away for a minute and the world is technologically leaps away from you. Where have I been all these years? I don't want to lose touch with the entertainment world; I think Video Games are so important for the future of storytelling and Art. I hope I don't fall behind again as I want to be a part of it in the future. 

It was a real eye-opener to see how much more work I need to do to get to the level of all the artists out there working on these games. How did they draw that background, or come up with that character, or make such a fantastical plot? People are so inspiring! It was really refreshing, but my heart hurts a litte, haha. 

Oh Technology. You beautiful temptress, you.

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  1. Im in love with your designs Erin!!! They are so inspiring!