Tuesday, November 22, 2011

when they scream mellow

Home for the holiday. :)
Bought Skyward sword (money... ΦεΦ ) but don't have the right wii remote! Gah, kids these days with their technology!


  1. I got it too, it's amazing!

    I think theres an attachment you can get for the remote to make it work. I came home and all the wii-remotes here have little blocks stuck on the bottom. Conor tells me thats the new thingy it needs.

    Also, if your in town for a while and have free time lemme know, Id like to catch up and mebbe play D&D or something. Either way lemme know.

  2. I like this picture. Though I never am sure what to call it. Because it is not quite a drawing but also not a painting or anything of the sort. I wonder if there is a term? /ignorant

  3. I couldn't find one around here so I just bought a new wii remote. This game has no sympathy for my wallet.
    The game is awesome though. :) Tingle must've come from skyloft; they're all adorably inbred looking.
    Sure, I'll be around town this weekend if you're free.

    -digital art I think? The art world has come up with an incredibly vague title for this category of art.