Tuesday, August 16, 2011

trapped in the Shadow Man's Cloak.

"Gumiho" is Korean for fox spirit!
Did anyone else read the cracked article about them (fox spirits)? Haa, my brother and I decided to watch the show it was talking about in that article. It's adorable albeit weird. : o


  1. It really is adorable. Dae Woong!
    Also it was sunny and rained and I oouldn't help but think "A fox is crying!"

  2. I KNOW! I've never been in a rainfall during such a sunny day; what a coincidence.
    Poor Mi Ho... Maybe she was crying because of Tommy wiseau's lumpy butt. :( I know I was.

  3. Good theory. Made me cry too :'(

  4. I love how your noses look like a part of the characters. Some people (meeeeee lol), sorta just cut and paste the thing on the characters head. Never thought I'd look at a persons art and be all creep going, "ohhhhhh The NOSE!!"

    -K. Dactyl