Sunday, July 10, 2011

The brother of Nowhere and Forever.

I'm going to Florida Afterall! :D
Going back to hogwarts, hogwarts! Going back to schoooool.

A picture for my sister, because she likes foxes!

Did you get a lot of rain this week? We did, and the basement flooded!
hah, oh karma.


  1. We got rain briefly and not much.
    Yay karma :)
    I like the drawing :) yay foxes. Also yay hogwarts

  2. Rain is so pretty! It was like Wales here. (because, you know... I know what that looks like. :\ )

    I can't wait for hogwarts!
    Except the whole No vegan options part. : ooo

  3. I'm so afraid of the airplane part too. ;A;

  4. I figured you'd be scared of the plane part. :(
    And yeah. No vegan sucks but it'll be fun. We can go through the castle!