Thursday, June 30, 2011

I've never died quite like this, But the sun is coming and I can't keep up.

I finished the second book in the Kingkiller chronicle- it was very good!
It took four years for the second one to come out, so I can only hope the third one will be out faster. : 0000


  1. I feel like such a creeper that this blog is how I gain insight as to what's going on with you. I could probably just ask. :/

    I like all the drawings recently! So many and so awesome!

    ALSO YAY KINGKILLER. It was an awesome book. I love the moderate magic, moderate magic, and he meets a fairy. Oh, ok. He became an even more amazing god modder.

    ALSO, did I tell you about my fear about Dr. Who? I'm so afraid River kills Rory, because she said she killed the greatest man she ever met/knew, and we all assume the doctor, but Rory is her dad, and is pretty bitchin' as well. They also keep killing him off. I fear it is foreshadowing. :/

  2. I FFFFFFFking love Godmodders. I'm so happy, but I wish he'd own Elodin's face so that Elodin would worship Kvothe like the God he is. : 00

    It was much more magical! I want to find another book like ittt.

    I found a book in Charlie's room called, "Mr. Cat". It's pretty adorable, but it's kind of a childish book.
    I NEED MAGICAL REALISM. and a book with some girth- none of this 300 pages bullshit.

    Oh man! I didn't even think about that.
    I keep forgetting he's her dad. Lawls.
    I've been watching Sailor moon (coolkidsclub) and Serena/Darien just found out Rini is their kid.
    ...It reminds me of River.
    I don't know why I mentioned this.

    I want the new episodes to come out already! >:0
    We should start up a Dr. Who club and dress up as the characters. :)
    And make Harry Potter food, because cat.

  3. Oh man, I was so happy when Elodin realized Kvothe had met fae people, I was like "YAY SOMEONE CAN KNOW HOW AWESOME HE IS". Also when he just killed all those people. Was like :o. Oh my.
    Can't wait for the next book to come out, gah!

    Mr. Cat sounds adorable. It sounds like a kids book but psh, why should kids have all the fun.

    I can see the river relation, it's creepy to see a kid of yours from the future.

    I want the next episode out nooooooooow! I want to see what happens!
    We could try to start a Dr. Who club. And dress up in suspenders and bow ties.
    Yay harry potter food. Tis good. Well, the baked stuff. Being vegan at hogwarts would be really difficult. Being vegetarian would be difficult there too.

    I'm making banana bread today :) Yay